Lesson Five: Finding Your Writing Niche

When I first began writing online, I was all over the place when it came to the topics I chose to write about. I didn't know what I wanted to write and I didn't know what people wanted read. I followed the advice of those who claimed that writing on a broad range of topics increases your exposure and develops your ability to adapt to any topic. They were wrong. The only thing it developed in me was frustration and discouragement.

Instead of focusing my energy on topics that suited me--topics that excited me--topics that lent themselves well to my writing style--my energy was wasted on trying to find that magic bullet that would draw in readers.

Chances are, if you are  new to online writing you are doing the same thing. But if you are serious about becoming a successful online writer it's time you found your writing niche.

You are probably thinking that finding your niche is difficult or that you don't know enough about any one topic to make it your niche or that you aren't good enough to establish yourself as an expert. Don't worry. A writing niche doesn't work that way and you aren't limited to only one.

Check out The Top Five Ways to Find Your Writing Niche for actions you can take right now to uncover your strengths and interests and identify your writing niche.