Lesson Six: Choosing a Writing Site to Publish Your Work

If you are anything like I was--and I think you are--you may have jumped at the chance to publish your writing on the first writing site you found. Although it probably won't make or break you as a writer, hasty choices can sometimes come back to bite you.

Before you take that step--if you haven't already--take some time to explore your options and weigh the benefits of each site. If you've  already published some writing, that's okay too. It's never too late to start making better choices and position yourself as a writer.

When and where you publish your work depends in part on your goals as a writer. What's right for you may not be what's right for another writer.
With that in mind, I've put together a list of specific things you should consider when making choices about where to publish your online writing in The Top Five ways to Choose a Writing Site to Publish Your Work.

I recommend you follow this simple outline anytime you are considering publishing on a new site.