Lesson One: Do As Others Do Not as They Say

“Do what I say, not what I do.” May have been your parent's favorite saying, but it  doesn’t hold true in online writing any more than it did for you as a kid. To excel at online writing -- particularly if depend on revenue from ads or page views --  you need to learn to do what others do, not what they say.

Why? You may ask. It’s simple really. Successful online writers typically use the best SEO practices to leverage their own work and to increase their own search engine ranking and they aren’t about to give you their secrets.

They don’t want you to know the secret to pulling in ads and getting top search engine ranking. They want you to become repeat customers and come to them for advice. They want your repeat business to boost their own ranking and increase the value of their content site or blog.

Ever notice what appears alongside their posts? That’s right. Ads. If the writer has done his job well and used the best SEO practices, he is likely pulling in ads relevant to his content.

Do you ever wonder how those ads get there? It’s not as mysterious as some people think. Your text triggers ads and places the most appropriate ads with your web content. The trick, of course, is providing useful content for the reader while providing the keywords to draw ads your readers are genuinely interested in.

That’s all pretty straight forward, right? Sure it is. I mean really who can’t write 300 to 400 words on a topic and add a couple of  keywords to bring up ads that relate to the topic?

That’s where it starts to get tricky. Not only do you want ads that a relevant to your topic, you want ads your readers can actually benefit from.

See Lesson Two: Finding Keywords for more information on selecting and using keywords for your articles.