Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does Publishing Often Increase Overall Page Views or Ad Revenue?

Many online writers will tell you that the secret to success on nearly writing site is to publish often--but I've always been a bit leery of this advice. I have always assumed that producing one or two quality pieces a week outweighs publishing quick easy pieces everyday. I've decided to put it a test.

Some of you may be aware that I also write for Yahoo! Contributor Network, formerly Associated Content. I've done well there, but I wouldn't exactly call it a great success story. It's fun and I get to write whatever I want and make a few dollars in the process. My real earnings from my writing come from other sources.

As part of their featured contributor program there, I published in both gardening and education and averaged 8 or 10 articles a month. Sometimes they were successful and sometimes they weren't.

A series of events, namely having written many lists for List My Five that have failed to take off and bring in any sort of real money, started me thinking about my options. I decided that instead of allowing my efforts to go unrewarded I would use those lists as a outline for a more in-depth articles and publish them on Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Not only would I be putting my work to good use, it would give me the opportunity to test the theory that publishing often brings in more overall readers than just those who visit the newly published article.

Its too soon to tell how this will impact my overall page views at Yahoo! Contributor Network. I can say that shortly after I decided to publish often, an old article got linked to another site and I've seen a dramatic increase in page views. It is likely a coincidence as the article is seasonal, but I'll hold out on forming an opinion for a while.

If you are interested in the results of this test, check back often. I'll try to update my progress once a week.

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