Monday, February 14, 2011

Alternatives to Adsense: BidVertiser

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of losing your AdSense account, you are probably wondering what alternatives to AdSense are available to make money on your blog.  Although AdSense may be the best known, there are other alternatives.

BidVertiser is an alternative to AdSense that provides contextual ads similar to AdSense. Like AdSense, BidVertiser allows you to create the look and feel you want in your ads by customizing the ad design and colors. Both graphic and text ads can be designed to meet your needs and standard sizes are available. BidVertiser also allows you to determine which ads will appear on your site by simply blocking ads you do not want to see.

By titling the ad block, you can easily track which ads perform best on your blog and make important decisions about ad placement and content.

Sign up is free and your first ads will appear within minutes. Payout for checks is $100, but is only $10 if you choose to use paypal. As an alternative to AdSense, BidVertiser provides a similar service that is quick and easy to use. I am currently trying BidVertiser. I am pleased with the look and feel of the ads and the find the site easy to navigate and understand. It is too early to tell how well the ads perform and the revenue they generate, but if you have lost your AdSense account (which seems to be a fairly common occurrence-- even when you have done nothing wrong) and are looking for an alternative, BidVertiser may provide the answer.

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