Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is BidVertiser Worth Using as an Alternative to AdSense?

You may have noticed that I have removed my BidVertiser ads from this blog. Although BidVertiser provides contextual ads and allows you to block ads you do not want to appear on your site, as new ads are added, you must block them, too. For someone who has the time and wishes to monitor the ads closely this may be a good option, but for myself it doesn't work.

I noticed some pop-ups and pop-unders that detracted from the goal of this blog and simply did not wish to monitor it throughout the day to prevent ads that I did not want on my blog. Under different circumstances, I might have continued with BidVertiser

I apologize to you, the reader, if you were subjected to annoying talking ads or other popups. Rest assured, I have removed them from the blog.

I have left my original post about BidVertiser intact, as it may meet the needs of some online writers, as it is certainly up to personal preference whether one chooses to use BidVertiser or not.

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Ken said...

In the end , this latest change will be a good thing for content writers on many fronts. Lots of people talking about "holding off to write for this or that place." Why? Holding off is not going to put money in your account. Don't stop doing what you are doing.

Sure, the content sites took a hit and some are better all around to write for. You know who the cream of the crop sites are, so write. Hub, Squidoo, AC and Suite all took hits. And? Keep writing. We are content writers, and we need to provide Google and the other search engines what they want...quality.

Quality content is going to set you apart and get you ranked along with the added benefit of a high PR site.

A side benefit to this is that eventually marketers are going to have to realize the "value" of original quality content and pay the price for real quality.

The dust is far from settled and frankly Google is going to continue to make changes. part of our role as content writers is to keep up with those changes.