Saturday, December 11, 2010

On Selling Advice

Lately, I've noticed that writing blogs are a dime a dozen with anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet declaring themselves online writing experts who are ready and willing to "sell" you their advice. Some, of course, are excellent sources of information and their products may be a great investment.

But I want to caution you today to take the time to research the writer before parting with your cash. There is something inherently wrong when a writer claims to be making thousands of dollars off residual income from adsense--yet they want to charge you for the secrets of their success. If adsense is so successful for them, and they raking in more money that they can handle, why do they need your cash for an ebook or secret lessons?

Things to consider before paying for advice.
  • Writer's Reputation
    •  Check the links to their work.
    •  Do a Google search.
  •  Assess their Success
    • Make note of how long they have been writing online.
    • Look at their number of articles.
  • Determine what they are offering
    • Do they provide specific details?
    • Is the information readily available for free elsewhere?
There are many eager writers out there who want to take advantage of new writers, but who simply don't have the experience to back up their information.

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