Saturday, April 23, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge: T is for Time

T is for Time

Time. That elusive quality in which we are immersed, yet cannot be seen or felt. Physicists assure me that we all have been aloted the same amount of time--that each day contains exactly 86,400 seconds. Why then does time speed up and slow down according to some unseen clock from within?

Why does time pass in flash when I am writing and slow to a standstill when I am waiting for my writing to be reviewed?

As writers, we have a unique relationship with time. We travel forward and backward with each penned word--entering the future or delving into the past. We are time travelers shifting freely from era to era. Why then does it feel as though there is never enough time?


KC Kendricks said...

I never have enough time. I wanted to visit more of the A to Z Challenge blogs, but, you guessed it, I'm running out of time!

Nice to "meet" you as part of the Challenge :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Good question, that's for sure. Time just flies by, sometimes . . .