Monday, April 18, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge: M is for Making it Matter

M is for Making it Matter

Over the past few years, I've seen many a writer become so wrapped up in making money from what they write that they have lost sight of why they started writing in the first place. I'm not naive enough to think that making money from what you write isn't important. It is. At least for those of us who choose to make a living from our writing. But, it shouldn't be the only reason we write.

Consider for a moment why you chose to be a writer in the first place.

Why do you write? For some the answer may be to educate or to inform, for others it may be to bring enlightenment to the world, for still others it may be to silence the voice that cries out in the silence of the night. Consider that reason and get in the habit of making it matter.

Focus on your reason for being a writer today and strive to serve that inner drive in a way that really matters. If you are in the habit of writing "content" that a client requests, you may have lost touch with your inner voice.

Step outside that role today. Breathe deeply and consider what you really have to say to the world. Infuse that purpose in everything you write today.


Nofretiri said...

Why do you write?
I've answered that question in detail on a wonderful guest post series: My Writing Journey! Maybe you want to join in that series, too?!? I'm sure, Dolly from 'Writer Revealed' would be delighted!

Karin @ Nofretiris Dream Of Writing

Huntress said...

My reason for writing? With the beginnings of a story in my head, I had to finish it to find out how it ended.

Plus, it's the voices. They make me do it :)

Karen Walker said...

One of the wisest posts on writing I've seen. Thanks for speaking to how my heart feels about writing.