Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are Boring Titles Necessary for SEO? Not if You Create a Custom Url.

Making each post count and insuring that it will rank well in Google takes more than a few keywords scattered throughout your blog. Not only must your keywords be relevant to your post--yes, Google does know all and will eventually boot you out of the search engine results if you try to fool it with bogus keywords--those keywords should be in the website url, as well. In the case of bloggers, that means finding a way to create a custom url for your blog post.

Google relies heavily on both your title and your url to determine if your website is relevant to a search. When the wesite url  reflects your targeted keywords (and the content of the post reflects the same keywords), your blog gets Google's attention.

As a blogger you may desire a catchy or creative title for your blog post. This poses a bit of problem, as your blog post title becomes part of your url. Fortunately, you don't need to sacrifice creativity for practicality. You can create a custom url for your blog post and use a catchy title as well.

Determine the important keywords you want to appear in your post url. Fashion a straight-forward title that contains your keywords to create a custom url for your post. Remember, the closer the keywords are to the beginning of the website url the more weight it carries. Title the blog and publish as usual. This creates a custom url that contains the url of your blog post.

Once you have created a custom url to reflect the major keywords as your post url, rewriting the title allows you to express your creativity and grab the reader's attention without sacrificing your Google search results.

Go to your dashboard and select the "post" option. Select "edit post" and change the title of the post  to a title that appeals to you. Save and publish the new version of your post. The original url of your post remains intact displaying your keywords, while your blog displays your new title.

You are now ready to submit the url to Google. Add your url to Google here by copying and pasting your url in the appropriate box labeled url, enter the captcha and submit. Although Google says adding only the url from the top domain on your website is necessary, many online writers report success from adding urls to Google from all their posts.

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