Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Make Money Writing Online

Nearly every beginning writer asks the question How can I make money writing online? and promptly grabs the first opportunity that comes along. Somehow, earning a small fee and seeing your writing in “print” makes it worth the effort. Many online writers continue to write for sites that pay them a minimal fee in hopes of suddenly producing that one article that will send them over the top. The thought that they too could make it big, clouds their vision keeping them in the same position for years.

Blogs and Teaser Sites
Some online writers make the mistake of creating blogs and teaser sites to redirect readers to their main body of work on a writing site, instead of concentrating their efforts on making money from their blog. Although this seems logical, writers are missing the real power of their own words. Putting your writing skills to work for you by creating your own blog with Google Adsense will earn more money over time than the small amount many writing sites pay their writers—but it will likely take more time.

Combining Writing Sites With Blogging
For that reason, successful online writers combine both, by writing for writing sites such as Yahoo! Contributor’s Network, Helium, List my Five and others while they develop a blog to feature their best writing. If you are in a position where you need to make money now from your writing, then by all means begin by signing up for a writing site and devote your time to building a solid base of articles to make money from your writing.

Choosing a Writing Site
The particular writing site you use depends on the type of writing you do and your personal preferences. Each offers benefits that the other may not. You can find information on specific writing sites in this list by freelance writer Linda Batey Top Five Writing Websites for Freelance Writers. You may also be interested in  Reasons to Write  for Associated Content and Benefits to Writing for Demand Media Studios.

Starting Your Blog
If you have the luxury of delaying earning money from your writing, starting a blog may be your best alternative. This allows you to take your time to develop your personal style as writer and to create an abundance of quality posts that provide what the readers in your niche really want and need.  I won’t bore you with my ramblings about selecting a writing niche. If you need further information --or just want a quick refresher course--on identifying a writing niche you can find that info in the post on How to Find Your Writing Niche

Monetizing Your Blog
Once you have identified your writing niche, have a supply of information for your posts and have gained a few readers, it is time to get serious about making money from your writing. Using Google’s Adsense program is quick and easy to install on many blogs, but you should always check with the blog site before you choose a host for your blog. Some free blog sites, such as Wordpress, do not allow you to monetize your blog.  Simply sign up for Google Adsense and follow Google’s simple instructions for adding it to your blog. Simply put, ads are generated to match the content of your blog and blog posts. The better you get at targeting specific ads, the more money you will make. For more information on how you can use keywords to draw in ads that will earn you money from your writing you can find that information in Lesson Two: Finding Keywords.

Going the Extra Step Allows You to Earn More from Writing Online
Writing for writing sites to make money from your writing is certainly an option. Many online writers earn a good living doing just that. But, if you are serious about earning money from your writing, go a step further and use your writing skills to create a blog that provides a service to your readers.

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