Saturday, January 8, 2011

Personal Brand Tells the World Who You Are as a Writer

If you find yourself wondering what all the fuss is about and wonder why writers are working on their brand, you aren’t alone. Branding is nothing more than a fancy term for letting your readers know who you are and what you stand for as a writer. Much like Coca Cola or Nike, your brand tells the world what to expect from you. In the old days, we called it building trust or building a reputation as a writer.

Obviously, your brand is important to your success as a writer. You might as well embrace branding now and let go of your resistance to the term.

So, how do you build your personal brand? 
First, you need to know what your brand is. Ask yourself what it is you have to offer to a reader that differs from what other writers have to offer. Are you witty, insightful or simply succinct and to the point? Perhaps you are a storehouse of information on a wide range of topics, or perhaps you have passion and in-depth knowledge in one or two areas. Whatever it is that makes you unique as a writer is part your personal brand.

But, your skill and unique slant don’t tell the whole story of who you are as writer. What you have to offer readers and other writers makes up the second part of your brand. How you interact with others, how you pursue your passions and how you relay that information to others completes your personal brand.

Watch successful writers. 
Watch their branding strategies and look at their brand identity. Does their personal brand tell the world who they are as writers? Follow them on twitter and facebook and observe how they interact with others. Model their branding techniques to build your personal brand and establish your reputation as a writer.

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