Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting an Adsense Blog to Make Money Blogging Can be Profitable and Fun, Too!

Blogging isn't for everyone. It requires attention and the willingness to change directions, but you can make money blogging and blogging is a great way to build your writing skills in a "non-threatening environment" where you call the shots.

In the beginning, blogging can feel a bit like yelling at the moon and listening for your echo. You know your voice is out is out there, but you are the only one who can hear it. But, that is precisely when you need to cultivate patience and continue blogging whether you see immediate results or not. I think of my blogs as a garden. Planting the seeds is only the beginning. It may be exciting to see it as it begins to sprout and the first readers arrive, but without plenty of TLC, it will soon wither away.

By following a few simple techniques, you can build a solid reader base and healthy blog traffic.

Choosing Your Blog Topic
Choose your blog topic wisely before setting up a blog, especially if you intend to use adsense to monetize it to make money blogging. Although you may find rambling on about the escapades of Aunt Bertha entertaining, unless you are well known, its unlikely to attract the attention of a wide range of readers and may not attract the best ads from adsense. Choose a topic you are passionate about and can write about regularly.

Keyword Research when Setting Up a Blog
Before setting up a blog, research your intended blog topic to determine how many readers actually search for information similar to yours. The Google keyword adwords tool is quick and easy to use and returns valuable information about the popularity of your topic. See my post Finding Keywords for more information on using this tool.

SEO for Adsense Blogs
Optimizing your blog posts may seem counter intuitive—especially if you are looking for a place to simply write from the heart. But, if you want readers to find what you have written, using good SEO techniques is just as important on adsense blog as it is publishing on other sites.

Some bloggers are very successful by researching an assortment of keywords related to their blog topic and tailoring blog posts around those keywords. I personally prefer to research keywords once an idea strikes me.  Instead of looking for the high paying keywords, I use the keyword tool to find a variety of related words that have a good search volume to use in the content of my blog post. Because I’ve already researched the main topic of my blog, I already know what is likely to be successful. Using the keyword tool simply helps me refine my blog posts to appeal to a wide range of readers.

Setting up a Blog
The quality of your blog does matter and should be considered before setting up a blog. Choosing the first template you find and throwing a few words together in the hopes to make money from adsense isn’t enough. Take the time to consider your blog topic and choose a template that complements it. Adding content that directly relates to the blog topic may seem like a no brainer, but you might be surprised by the number of bloggers who jump on the “make money with adsense” band wagon thinking they will make money by slapping a blog together and targeting high paying keywords. It doesn’t work that way. I won’t bore you with the typical chastisements to use proper grammar and spelling as I’ve already covered that in Characteristics of Quality Writing.

Blog Posting
Online writers often ask, “How often do I need to post to my blog.” Although there are no hard and fast rules, most bloggers agree that regular blog posting keeps your readers coming back to see what you have to offer them. How often you post to your blog depends on your topic, reader expectations and your schedule—but three to four times a week appears to be the accepted norm. Some blogs require more frequent posts. My blog “In the Direction of Dreams” does best with daily posts, as it provides an inspirational quote, some reflection on the topic and expressions of gratitude. Other blogs may do well with several posts a week.

Blog Promotion
Don’t be afraid to promote your blog, but use caution. If others see you as simply trying to promote yourself without providing value, they will soon turn away. Join forums or communities centered around your topic. As you interact with members, provide a link to your blog, if it provides more information that may be of interest. Twitter, Facebook and other social promotion sites are a great way to get started, but shouldn’t be a substitute for promoting your blog to others who share your interests.

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Amanda said...

Great article! I just started my blog last week and have been trying to get content added.
I will be using some of your tips in the future.